Private Studio 1-1 Personal Training

Symmetry Fitness App

Online Personalized Programming

Pre-Programmed Online Workouts


Personalized Workout Plan

Personalized Studio and Online Programming*

 address the unique needs of each client. This can include: 

1-1 coaching

personalized assessment

joint  mobility/stability control 

enhanced neuromuscular control

corrective programming for movement deficits

midline/trunk control training

strength/resistance based training

 cardio training.

*due to the detailed nature of the Personalized Online Programming option and/or appointment availability for Studio clients,  there are a limited number of spots  available for these options. Please inquire for prices and current availability.

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Pre-Programmed Packages

Programming that typically includes 4-6 weeks of progressed workouts that can include:

Heart rate based cardio training

 mobility and stability activation

midline/trunk control

2-3 resistance/strength workouts per week that are based on the goals of the program.

This option is perfect for those individuals that are simply looking for an easy but sound work out program to follow in the gym or at home through the convenience of your phone.

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Individualized Weight Loss Coaching

Behavior coaching in addition to access to a nutrition app that helps you learn how to appropriately meal plan for your weight related goals.  You are given personal coaching to navigate the difficult task of initiating and maintaining the new habits that will help you lose weight, but more importantly create sustainable habits for life long weight management success.  This option is available to studio clients only.

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Ready to start your journey towards a rejuvenated and resilient life ?

Symmetry Fitness utilizes  "RMR" , or Restorative Movement Resilience Training.  RMR focuses on restoring or learning how to initiate better movement and behavioral patterns to create a more resilient physical and mental self. 

Symmetry Fitness  motto  "Train the Brain to Train the Body. Move with Intent." is what my training philosophy was founded on from the very beginning. almost 20 years ago. Intentional movement has gotten me past some pretty significant physical and mental obstacles in life.  


Each client can be trained individually in a private studio atmosphere, through an individualized online training program, or can choose to work their way through Symmetry Fitness's collection of App-based Online Workout Programs. These programs address different areas of need that appropriately progresses the user through separate pre-programmed  phased training.

 Proper exercise selection and progression is imperative to your success when beginning a training program. Each phase of the program has been methodically devised to mitigate injury and to allow the user to first build a strong base.  This base creates a stable platform that can sustain the demands of day to day activity, and prep you for construction of the higher levels of your fitness pyramid.  

Each option is designed to focus on remapping specific dysfunctional movement and behavioral patterns, to restore and revive optimal physical and mental health. This allows the client to become a resilient person that can conquer the daily challenge known as life. Working out should improve your quality of life, not make you feel run down! 

Symmetry Fitness Programming and Philosophy has always been to approach each person from a holistic whole bodied perspective. The goal is take each client from their current functioning level in life, and progress them as an individual person to reach their goals in  a manner that matches their individual needs, wants, and capabilities. We all have our own journey in life, but that doesn't mean others can't help us along the way.

Let Symmetry Fitness help elevate YOU to the place YOU  want to be in LIFE.

Where should I begin with online training?

The "Resilient Nucleus" program is the perfect way to stabilize your midline (commonly referred to as your "core"). I recommend this program for individuals with back pain that are medically cleared to exercise, for those folks that have not done any type of exercising in a long time, or for those looking to enhance their current workouts. It is an 8 week program.

 The Phase 1 Pyramid Program allows you to build a strong and resilient base to create a body that can withstand the test of time and demands of life. Start by constructing a strong base with the 4 week Phase 1 Stabilization Endurance Training Package. This program is designed for persons with little to no exercise experience as well as individuals with experience, but need to restart and build a more stable base so that they can return to a higher level of training safely.

What comes with the Symmetry Fitness App Programs?

Resilient Nucleus:

8 Week Core Program

6 Workouts per week 

Includes Mobilization Warm Up

Pyramid Builder Programs: 

Each week has 3 separate workouts that each include:

  1.  a warm up 
  2. midline/trunk/core
  3. balance training 
  4. resistance training 
  5. specific heart rate cardio training
  6. and a cool down. 

     All workouts are easily followed through the Symmetry Fitness App that can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet device. The workouts contain videos and descriptions of all the movements in an easy to follow step by step process. There is even a schedule to keep you on track, and includes a separate area to keep weekly progress photos of yourself, your weight, and body measurements. It's super easy to use, and because it's on your phone it can be accessed anywhere!

     *** Note that NO REFUNDS will be issued for purchased packages for any reason. Commit before you click! Personal training is about learning to be accountable for your health. Signed liability waivers and medical consent forms are required to have access to the workouts. Failure to complete and sign the required forms will result in revoked privileges to the Symmetry Fitness App and the program, no exceptions.

Pyramid Base Phase 1

Interested in Purchasing an Online Program? 

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What do the clients have to say?

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I have been training with Carly for 6 years and believe her to be one of the most experienced and committed trainers around. I highly recommend her to anybody looking for a personal trainer. Through her training, I have become the strongest and healthiest version of myself. Before I started working out with Carly, I had always considered myself healthy and tried to lead an active lifestyle. I accepted and resigned myself to aches/pains as a part of the ‘normal’ aging process. I had back pain and couldn’t sit up straight from a lying position. Since training with Carly, I am happy to say that I am 62 years old and pain free!! Carly is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every training session challenging. I’ve experienced continued improvements in my endurance, agility, strength and overall well-being. She will not let her clients ‘go through the motions’; she has extreme focus on form and has taught me how to use my muscles correctly to my benefit inside and outside of training sessions. I love the fact that she has become a keystone in my life-routine. She has opened a new private training studio which is wonderful! If you are thinking about personal training, you must go train with Carly!

Karen Romah 


 Hartley Inn

Carmichaels, PA

I have been working with Carly for over a year now. While my initial goal was weight loss, what I have gained in my time with her has been far more meaningful.

I have gained...

  • Strength, both mental and physical
  • Enjoyment in learning new exercises and challenging myself.
  • Freedom from chronic knee pain
  • Confidence to try new things.

But most importantly, I have gained a teacher, coach and friend. While I still have a long way to go in all of my endeavors, I know that she will always have my back.

Dr. Karen Fluet

WVU Medicine

     "I walk funny; well I walked even funnier until I started working with Carly. I began having knee problems during adolescence which was worsened by year round sports through college. My difficulties were poorly diagnosed and treated by multiple athletic trainers, orthopedists, and physical therapists resulting in many different types of braces, unnecessary injections and surgeries.

By the time, I got to Carly I was unable to squat, had chronic pain and couldn’t get up from a chair without using my upper body. She quickly discovered all my various weaknesses and flawed, compensatory movements and then the work started. Initially, I was skeptical and doubtful of her methods. When she would demonstrate a movement, I would think, “well that seems super easy,” or, “why am I doing this funny little exercise with bands in this odd position with her holding my knee out.” But then that, “super easy movement,” or funny exercise would be incredibly challenging. I would be shaking with effort and not even be holding a weight.

So, overtime I learned to trust her and her process. An initial long-term goal was to be able to build up enough stability, endurance, and strength to complete the trail hike that leads to Machu Picchu. I was able to complete the hike successfully, train for and complete a few Spartan Races, in addition to regularly working out and becoming comfortable and proficient at several Olympic lifts and barbell-based movements.

I worked with her for several years and felt confident enough to start CrossFit when I moved away. 

Then, several years later I found my way back to Carly looking for help recovering from a severe L4,5 herniation that I sustained three months after having a baby. The Neurosurgeon wanted to avoid surgery as much as possible so I dove into various treatment modalities. I received massage, chiropractic care, traction, steroid injections and physical therapy, which all helped in the immediate period after the injury but my improvement plateaued.

I was so happy that I could return to working with her through her App. I am improving my cardio, mobility and strengthening my midline under her guidance. I am incredibly satisfied with my progress. As with my previous experience working with Carly, the initial program with the smaller movements and what seemed to be lighter cardio all served a greater purpose to advance me through the appropriate steps to get me to the more dynamic and challenging movements. Trust her and trust the process!! And communicate, she can’t adjust or make changes unless she knows what is going on with you."

~Caitlin C.

Caitlin C.