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What is Symmetry Fitness?

Symmetry Fitness is a private personal training studio inside of GRW Harmony and ROOTS in the Morgantown, WV location. The owner of Symmetry Fitness, Carly Morgan, caters to the individualized needs of clients with a desire to work on their health in private. The privacy eliminates the chaos, inconvenience, and extra fees that often accompany training in a typical gym atmosphere. Symmetry Fitness also offers online training options via an app that downloads easily onto your phone. Clients can then take their training plans anywhere! 

My Story

An Idea Is Born

     Hi! I'm Carly Morgan the  owner/operator of Symmetry Fitness located in Morgantown, WV. I am a certified personal trainer through NASM as well as certified in corrective exercise. I have worked in the health and wellness field for over 13 years in the Morgantown area. 

     Prior to opening my private studio, I trained my clients as a independent contractor through ProPerformance Rx and directed ProMedical’s Weight Management Program starting in 2008. My studio is not a gym open for membership. However, my studio is the perfect place for clients that wish to be able to have complete privacy and undivided attention while working with a highly qualified and experienced trainer.

     I began my journey in the healthcare field in 2005 as a mental health specialist on the Dual Diagnosis Unit at Chestnut Ridge Hospital here in Morgantown, after graduating with a degree in psychology from WVU. I recognized right away that physical activity should be a component of the treatment plan for anyone struggling with mental health issues, particularly those with substance abuse/addiction, anxiety, and depression. Unfortunately, this is not something that happens frequently with mental health treatment. I’m hoping to change that. 

     The privacy that my location has, offers an option to train for those that have difficulties with being in crowded or overstimulated areas. My work experience in mental health offers a different perspective and angle for a population that is remarkably under served. My studio is inside of GRW Health’s Harmony and ROOTS Morgantown location. I’m beyond excited to be able offer my services to their clients and work with their mental healthcare providers to help improve the quality of their clients lives. Exciting times! Talk about coming around full circle, right? I also train a number of working professionals whom run their own businesses, that appreciate the privacy, attention, and scheduling options that are offered through my studio. Sometimes getting away from it all to focus on your own needs is exactly what you need to be successful!

     Although my clients come from a variety of backgrounds with differing goals, my favorite specialty is in corrective exercise and post rehab clients. From a personal level, I understand what a mountain chronic pain and dysfunction can be to climb. I work diligently with my clients to get them mentally and physically in a place that has them enjoying life again. Working out should make you feel better, not worse. My motto has always been "Train the Brain to Train the Body. Move with Intent", and as such, the focus of my training style reflects that..          

      For clients that live outside of Morgantown, or that wish to train on their own but need guidance, I offer personalized and pre-programmed online training that can be easily accessed through an app on a cell phone. As the former director and health educator of the HMR Weight Management program in Morgantown, I have a significant amount of experience with weight management coaching. Although I am no longer affiliated with the HMR program, I do continue to offer weight management coaching as a service for my studio clients. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] Thanks for reading my ramblings! Read below to see what is offered through Symmetry Fitness.

Studio 1-1 Training

In studio private sessions are limited to availability. There are only so many spots in a day, and so many days in a week. The sessions are very specific to the individual needs of the client. Studio clients also receive "homework" home programming, for the days they are not working with me. This is available to them easily through the app so that there is no confusion, and it allows me to check in and monitor their progress.

This home program works on specific deficits they might have that will allow them to progress accordingly both in the studio and in their day to day functioning. This can include: joint stability/mobility work, flexibility, behaviors involving eating habits, midline/core work, corrective exercises, etc. Studio clients also receive specific cardio programming to be done daily that is progressed over time as we reassess monthly. Habit and behavioral tracking extras in the app, helps the client  to shape their behavior to be more in line with what their goals are. They use the app to make all of this easier to keep track of.

    Working with me 1-1 is not just coming into the studio to do a "workout". If that is all you are looking for in a trainer to work individually with, look elsewhere. There are plenty of trainers out there that will be happy to just take your money and call it a day. I have fired clients for not being fully committed. Why waste either of our time, when it can be better utilized with someone else? I am very passionate about what I do for a living and I give it my all, but I can't help someone that isn't willing to help themselves by committing 100%. In the studio we are working towards renewing, restoring, and resilience for a better life.

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Personalized Online Programming

The personalized online programming is very similar to the studio 1-1 training, with the difference that there is typically no face to face time and the client completes the workouts on their own. They still receive the same options listed above for 1-1 studio clients. In some cases, I may see the client once or twice a month for an in person session to work on form and technique and to discuss concerns or questions of the client.

     Workouts are individualized based on an assessment and the specific needs and goals of the client. It works on a continuing monthly basis with automatic billing. 4 weeks of workouts are given at a time on the app, and there is continuous interaction availability with me via the app messaging system for any questions, concerns, or check-ins. The Symmetry Fitness App allows personalized clients to upload videos of themselves in the app, so that I can assess and correct technique. 

Due to the nature and time required for this type of programming, spaces are limited. I am adamant about being able to provide quality work for personalized programming, so the number of clientele for this option must be minimized to insure quality.

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Pyramid Programs

The pre-packaged Pyramid Programs are offered at an exceptional price.

Most programs only offer a resistance training portion. These workouts are designed to be completed just as an in studio client would train when I first begin with them. With everything from a warm-up, core, balance, flexibility, strength, cardio, and a cool down, you get the whole package for $75 bucks. To put that into perspective, one 60 minute studio session with me would cost between $60-100.00 dollars depending on the needs on the session. 4 weeks of Pyramid Programming for Phase 1 Program = a total of 12 workouts, for $75.00. You can't beat that deal! The one draw back, is that it is not personalized to the needs of the individual, and there is no 1-1 interaction with me. For the average person without any significant physical or health issues, that is looking to optimize their health and get into shape, this option works wonderfully for them.

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