Pyramid Base Builder: Phase 1 Stabilization Endurance

Phase 1 of the Online Pyramid Building Program focuses on system wide physical stabilization. The goal of the first 4 weeks is to prepare your body for the demands that will be placed on your system with the type of training that will occur in Phases 2-5.

Having a high degree of midline and join​t stability is extremely important when progressing into exercise. Particularly the strength and power phases that come later. 


There is a reason why the bottom of the pyramid is the largest. It creates a strong foundation for everything that gets placed upon it. Pyramids remain stable as long as the base remains bigger and wider than the upper levels. Once the base starts to shrink, the whole structure collapses. For this reason, we start with stabilization endurance, and we revisit it from time to time to continue to expand upon the base, as we construct the rest of the pyramid with other types of training. 

When you approach your training in this manner, your structure or "body" will remain sound and stable, as you continue to progress with your training. The goal is to continue to move forward with your training, feeling good rather than run down, and not have set backs or injuries that can occur due to improper training. 

When you are unstable you are weak, no matter the "Size" of your muscles.

What you need to know:

This program can be done at home or in the gym. 

Home workouts will require minimum equipment:

Reliable Heart Rate Monitor. SF prefers Polar H 10 Chest Strap Monitor, but the type you purchase is up to you. Most wrist based monitors are not accurate once your heart begins to operate at higher levels. This is needed to do your cardio training properly- as it is based entirely on your specific heart rate. It is important to purchase a piece of equipment that keeps a continuous accurate count of your heart rate. Chest Strap monitors work the best for this.

Light and Medium Weight Resistance Bands- SF recommends TWO Functional Fitness Band Combo packs of

" #1 Orange and #2 Red"- which can be easily purchased on Amazon for $13.00 a pack. 2 bands in a pack for a total of 4 bands.

A Swiss Ball (sometimes known as a physio/exercise/balance/stability ball) 

that is professional grade and sized appropriate for your height:

45cm under 5' tall

55cm 5'-5'6'' tall

65cm 5'6"-6' tall

75cm 6'-6'5" tall

85cm 6'5" and over

Thick Yoga Mat

Sliders- SF recommends Tumbl Track Smooth Sliding Slider w/comfortable top, on Amazon for $9.95

Fat Bell or Dumb Bell Sets. Weight Range from 2-20lb 

36" EVA Foam Roller

6-10" box or step in your home that you can safely step up onto repeatedly

Set of Mini Bands for use around your legs. "Perform Better" sells a 4-pack of light-heavy. Also can be purchased on Amazon.

Gym Workouts:

Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor. Please see above.

SF recommends purchasing your own set of:

resistance bands,



 a foam roller and your own yoga mat

 if your gym does not offer them or is limited in these items 

(foam roller can also be used at home to help with recovery)

 You want to be prepared, there is nothing worse than getting to a gym and not being able to complete the workout due to unavailability of items needed. 

The bands, etc, will be used in all phases of the Pyramid Program, so it is suggested to make it easy on yourself and get your own. Even Better, get the complete list, and if you can't get to the gym you can just do the workout at home without missing!

Access to the app is immediate after following the instructions sent to you via email address you supplied upon signing up. Workouts will load and begin automatically one week following the day you signed up and purchased the program. You will have the time in between to purchase and gather the necessary equipment to complete the workout at home or a gym, download the app and sign all waivers (*****please see paragraph below regarding waiver and consent requirements*****) before the workout program begins. There is no way to delay the program timetable once the program has been purchased, it is an automatic process.

Instructions will be sent to your email for how to download the app, and access the Phase 1 Program. Check your spam folder for an email from Symmetry Fitness ([email protected]) if you do not see the email relatively soon after signing up.

We encourage you to visit and like our Symmetry Fitness Facebook Page and post any questions that you have regarding the program or app.

*****Signed liability and medical clearance consent and waiver forms are required to have access to the workouts. Failure to complete and sign the required forms will result in revoked privileges to the Symmetry Fitness App and the program, no exceptions. If you have not been medically cleared by a trained medical professional to exercise and/or follow an exercise program on your own, then do not purchase this program. 

Again, NO REFUNDS for any reason! Get your forms filled out and signed in a timely manner.