Resilient Nucleus, what is it? It's about Core, but so much more!!

The big buzz word in fitness is "core" work. What most programs consider as core work is usually just abdominal strength and conditioning. While this is good, these programs miss the mark on what truly gives you a stable core for resiliency. Proper core stability includes hip and pelvic stability and strength ( including glutes, hip flexors, rotators, QL, hamstrings and more). You need scapular stability, deep stabilizer stability and strength (including the pelvic floor, diaphragm, transverse abdominus, and multifidi),  and the more global superficial abdominal and back muscles like the rectus abdominis, obliques, lats, spinal erectors, etc.. PHEW!!!! Fancy words for "lots of stuff" needs to be working, and more importantly they need to work together. It's waaaay more than just your "6-pack abs" or doing some glute exercises.  It also requires controllable unrestricted range of motion in the shoulders, spine and hips, and the ability to eccentrically control motion in all planes of movement. It  requires working on balance, and foot and ankle strength and stability. Resilient Nucleus offers all of these!

The more stable the hips, back, and scapulae, the better the rest of your body will be equipped to move. Building solid core stability will give you the proper building blocks you will need to maximize your training to get optimal results, while helping to mitigate the likelihood of injuries. The nucleus program offers stability and variability at the same time, allowing for proper neurological and muscle reeducation along with consistent progression. You will be building your way towards becoming more resilient. 


What's in the program?

The first part of Resilient Nucleus is 8 weeks and it has 3 components

  1. There is an activating warm up to address mobilization needs. 
  2. There are 6 workouts each week, but 3 out of the 6 weekly workouts are "Base Builders" that remain the same for 2 weeks. The "Base Builder" then progresses again on week 3, 5 and 7. Certain movements require more time and repetitions to properly build stable strength for a solid foundation and midline. The "Base Builder" portion of Resilient Nucleus addresses that need. 
  3. The remaining 3 out of the 6 weekly workouts are different movements that are progressed each week. Designing a program in this manner allows the necessary time for consistent progression to begin building a stable "core".

The take away is that when followed correctly, the program offers you consistent, workable progression, whereby the volume and demand increases each week. This progression helps you to become a more physically resilient person! It is an important component of the RMR style training that Symmetry Fitness advocates and teaches.

If you are looking to improve your midline stability, or you've been told by a medical professional that you need to work on building your core strength, then this program could be very helpful to you. Looking to maximize your training efforts and see improved gains? Then this program is for you! Let Nucleus be the "core" of your workout!!

Symmetry Fitness Client Testimonial

     "I walk funny; well I walked even funnier until I started working with Carly. I began having knee problems during adolescence which was worsened by year round sports through college. My difficulties were poorly diagnosed and treated by multiple athletic trainers, orthopedists, and physical therapists resulting in many different types of braces, unnecessary injections and surgeries. 

     By the time, I got to Carly I was unable to squat, had chronic pain and couldn’t get up from a chair without using my upper body. She quickly discovered all my various weaknesses and flawed, compensatory movements and then the work started. Initially, I was skeptical and doubtful of her methods. When she would demonstrate a movement, I would think, “well that seems super easy,” or, “why am I doing this funny little exercise with bands in this odd position with her holding my knee out.” But then that, “super easy movement,” or funny exercise would be incredibly challenging. I would be shaking with effort and not even be holding a weight.

     So, overtime I learned to trust her and her process. An initial long-term goal was to be able to build up enough stability, endurance, and strength to complete the trail hike that leads to Machu Picchu. I was able to complete the hike successfully, train for and complete a few Spartan Races, in addition to regularly working out and becoming comfortable and proficient at several Olympic lifts and barbell-based movements.

     I worked with her for several years and felt confident enough to start CrossFit when I moved away. Then, several years later I found my way back to Carly looking for help recovering from a severe L4,5 herniation that I sustained three months after having a baby. The Neurosurgeon wanted to avoid surgery as much as possible so I dove into various treatment modalities. I received massage, chiropractic care, traction, steroid injections and physical therapy, which all helped in the immediate period after the injury but my improvement plateaued.

      I was so happy that I could return to working with her through her App. I am improving my cardio, mobility and strengthening my midline under her guidance. I am incredibly satisfied with my progress. As with my previous experience working with Carly, the initial program with the smaller movements and what seemed to be lighter cardio all served a greater purpose to advance me through the appropriate steps to get me to the more dynamic and challenging movements. Trust her and trust the process!! And communicate, she can’t adjust or make changes unless she knows what is going on with you."

~Caitlin C.

The Who, What, and Why of Resilient Nucleus

Part 1 in the Resilient Nucleus Program is an online 8 week progressed program, that addresses the deficiencies I commonly find in all the populations that I work with. It specifically works on building your "core" stability, strength and balance (I typically refer to it as your midline) . 

This program is suitable for people with back pain that have been medically cleared to exercise by a medical professional, and the recommendation by that provider is to begin exercises to "strengthen their "core" and hips" to potentially help decrease their pain through stabilization exercises. 

I originally designed this as a program to help strengthen my own "core" in preparation for a necessary spine fusion surgery due to trauma from motor vehicle accidents.  I knew that by working the program prior to surgery, I would position myself for the best chance for a successful surgery.  After the surgery, in order to begin rebuilding a stable foundation and regain my strength, I continued with essentially the same program once I was medically cleared to exercise by my surgeon. 

     Coming back from a surgery like that was a long road, with careful progressions carried out over the course of a year. I had a plan and I stuck to it, making small changes along the way to account for life being life. It's a process. Both patience and persistence are necessary ingredients for success to occur. You can have the best surgeon in the world, but the truth is, the lions share of a successful outcome is directly related to the amount of work YOU as the patient are willing to continuously do. This work for success occurs both before the surgery, and the recovery and rehabilitation afterwards. 

      I continue to work on maintaining a stable core and explore new areas of mobility, stability, and strength to further improve the nucleus of my pyramid foundation.

The program has since been improved upon, tested, retested, and used by a number of clients with professionally diagnosed spine related problems over the past several years. It's a process that continues to evolve. If you have been cleared by a physician and/or physical therapist to partake in a core building exercise program, with no restrictions, then give this program a try! 

     As always, speak to your medical care provider about whether you are an appropriate candidate for an exercise program that is followed without supervision. Always think safety first!!! You only get one body. 

     If you are looking for a more guided 1-1 in person approach , contact me and we can set up a consultation.

     This program is for more than chronic back pain people! If you have never followed a core/midline program that is specific for stabilization, you would benefit immensely from this program. Especially Desk Warriors!!! If your job has you sitting for numerous hours a day, this program is for you! It is also appropriate to follow in addition to your current lifting or exercise program to enhance your training. 

    It can be completed at home or a gym and requires access to minimal equipment. Want to work out on your deck this spring or summer? You can! Symmetry Fitness App allows you to follow the workouts on your mobile device, tablet, etc. You can even sync it to your TV. 

Things  you need:

Yoga Mat

Exercise Bands

Swiss Ball


36" EVA Foam Roller

Mini bands

Weighted ball or 10 lb dumb bell

Cost of the program is $75.00 for 8 weeks.

No refunds will be given.

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